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    Creativity + Accountability

    Massachusetts based website solutions, graphic design, and SMM.


    At EXSELR our mission is to help our customer’s businesses thrive online with website solutions, intentional graphic design, and SMM (social media marketing). We handcraft remarkable visuals, strategies, and website solutions. Our customers trust us to deliver consistent quality. We understand the importance of working hard, being honest, and being accountable. Our 16+ years of experience help customers navigate online marketing channels. Our plans strive to help improve conversion rates and reap positive returns on investments. If you think we would be a great partner, start a conversation with us.


    EXSELR has 16+ years of hands on experience providing website solutions, graphic design, and SMM (Social Media Marketing). Over those years we’ve learned what is effective and how to implement strategies to accomplish desired outcomes. Some of the industries we’ve helped over the years include entertainment, sports, venues, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, politics, artists, djs, weddings, real estate, physical therapy, fashion, healthcare, wellness centers, barbers, salons, masons, hvac, recycling, legal services, and landscaping businesses.

    Business Values

    • Integrity
    • Honesty
    • Transparency
    • Hardwork
    • Compassion

    Supporting USA

    We believe that keeping as much in-house as possible helps us better service our clients needs. We don’t outsource to foreign third party companies to gain quick profits. Many companies outsource to foreign companies for cheap labor, we don’t. If something goes wrong we know how to fix it. We thoroughly test, monitor, update, and maintain all our websites. As technology and security continues to evolve we stay front line implementing the industries best practices.

    The most important decision I’ve made in life was finding and accepting Jesus Christ as my savior. God is so good!

    I’m a full-stack developer. I graduated with a bachelors degree in visual communications specializing in graphic design. When I’m not working, I enjoy being with my wife and kids. Creating art and music have been something I’ve always enjoyed. I’m an outdoors-man at heart. When all is said and done, I want to hear God say to me, “Welcome my good and faithful servant”. 🙂

    – EXSELR Owner Jonathan Cady

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.
    – Proverbs 3:5-6

    Quick Connect

    EXSELR Website Workflow

    What to expect when partnering with us.

    1. Discovery

    The first stage in great website development is discovery. We communicate by email, phone, or text. This is when EXSELR learns as much as possible about your organization, your goals, your ideal users, what features and functionality your website will require. Your organization’s information and any digital assets are gathered. We communicate with your key stakeholders and establish the scope of the project. This defines website user personas and creates a vision for the finished project.

    2. Strategy

    User Experience & Information Architecture
    EXSELR uses all the findings from the discovery phase and creates recommendations for the user experience. A sitemap, core features, and functionality are established. How to display the content in an intuitive way for desktop and mobile users.

    3. Design

    The third phase is when the website design begins. This is only applicable if you’re subscribed to our premium or advanced website plan. These plans are custom websites, everything is one of a kind. We create a website user display mockup for a desktop version.

    We find the basic restraints of typography, colors and start to get creative with backgrounds, animations, graphics, positioning, sizing and media players. Once the desktop mockup and overarching design is approved. We begin designing all other necessary pages and mobile displays.

    4. Programming

    EXSELR is now ready to code using HTML5, CSS, PHP, JQUERY. The testing server environment is set-up and your CMS is installed. The latest browser compatibility testing begins, link building, and digital assets are inputted.

    5. Evaluation

    Phase 5 is evaluation which is one of the most crucial steps to making sure everything is displaying correctly on your website. During the QA process bugs are fixed, and information is reviewed by your team for adjustments or corrections. Once approved your website is ready to be pushed to public access.

    6. Launch

    This is the exciting stage when all the hard work is ready for public viewing. Your website is pushed to a public access server and your website support & maintenance begins. You can advertise and promote your website now! Awesome, we can all celebrate! Whenever you need contextual updates you let us know and EXSELR will update your website.

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    Website Solutions, Graphic Design, SMM.
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