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    We can turn your ideas into vector graphics. We can design brand creation for your business and or product(s). Why vector graphics? What is a vector graphic? Vector graphics are computer graphic images that are defined by 2D points. Essentially they are necessary for printers and graphic designers to be able to scale to large and small sizes without having distortion or pixelation. Some common needs for vectors are logos, illustrations and print layouts. For example if you wanted to scale your logo to the size of an 18 wheelier you’ll need a vector graphic file.

      Common Vector Files
  • AI – Adobe Illustrator File
  • SVG – SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) W3C Standard
  • EPS – Adobe’s EPS format (Encapsulated PostScript)
  • PDF – Adobe’s PDF format (Portable Document Format)

  • Illustration Pricelist
    Business Card – 3.5" × 2" – Single Side $120
    Business Card – 3.5" × 2" – Double Sided$160
    Flyer – 4" × 6" or 5" × 7" – Single Side $100
    Flyer – 4" × 6" or 5" × 7" – Double Sided$200
    Facebook Ad - Limited Text$80
    Square Web Ad Graphic – 1080px × 1080px$100
    Poster Tabloid – 11" × 17" $160
    A4 Letterhead 8.5" × 11" & Envelope Design$150
    Tri-fold Brochure – Design $300
    CD & Album Cover Design$250
    Email HTML Design$250
    Logo Design $500-$1000
    Rushed projectsCost + 20% of Cost


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