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    Create a brand that you love.

    Make a brand worth sharing.

    Brand Creation

    We design and develop brands for startups and established companies. Your brand is the tangible and visual representations that define your businesses existence. Once your company has a great logo you can begin to build your brand collateral (ex: business cards, letterheads, brochures, flyers, posters, etc). Check our our brand collateral services. We can design all the brand collateral that you can send to print or display online. Making sure your product or service is branded consistently across multiple platforms is key for attracting new leads and retaining business recognition. Our logo creation workflow is explained below step by step. Discover the 7 logo styles that are available for businesses looking to create a brand.
    Brand Creation Pricelist
    Logo Design$500-$1000
    Logo Wordmark / Lettermark$500
    Pictorial Mark / Logotype$500
    Abstract Logo Marks$500
    Combination Mark$500
    Existing Logo Vectorization$300

    Create a Brand.

    Logo Creation Workflow

    What you can expect when creating a professional logo

    1. Consultation

    We communicate by email, phone, or text, establishing your project goals. We agree on the project scope and you submit half or full payment cost of project. Your credit or debit card billing information must be submitted to us before project is started. If you’d like to pay by cash, paypal, or cashapp, payment must be submitted before project is started. For more information visit our accepted payment methods.

    2. Brainstorm & Research

    Our team establishes a general starting point for the logo. We research the current market for your product or service. We create a style board and send you digital screenshots of a list of typefaces or symbols to choose as a starting point.

    3. Styleboard Review

    You review the style board and choose which typefaces or symbols you like the most to establish a foundation for the logo.

    4. Mockups

    Once the general direction is establish rendering begins and you are sent a rough draft mockup of the logo in black and white.

    5. Feedback & Adjustments

    You review the rough draft mockup and we make any adjustments or revisions. At this point the logo design is close to being finished. Color, taglines, website addresses, and or phone numbers are added (if applicable) at this point.

    6. Approval

    Client approves logo design. Logo is then recreated as a Abobe Illustrator (.ai) vector file. Vector files are used for enlarging & reducing size without visual distortion and quality loss. Client is emailed logo designer package .zip file including all necessary file formats (.ai, .eps, .pdf, .tiff, .png, .jpg, etc.). At this point the project is complete and the final half of payment for credit and debit card users is submitted.

    Logo Types

    Identifying the different styles

    Monogram Logos or Lettermarks

    A monogram or lettermark is created by overlapping the initials of an individual or a company. Its simplifying the companies name for easier recognition (ex: UPS).

    Wordmarks or Logotypes

    A wordmark or logotype is displayed with text only. There are no icons, symbols, or mascots.

    Pictorial Marks or Logo Symbols

    A pictorial mark or logo symbol is created without the use of text. Some popular examples are Nike’s check, or Target’s red target, Apples apple, Twitters bird.

    Abstract Logo Marks

    An abstract logo mark is something that is abstract which doesn’t visually imply a direct correlation with the business. For example a company that uses a paint splatter mark but sells software would be a good example. It could be geometric overlapping shapes to represent an organization. An example is Pepsi’s circle its blue white and red. It’s not a picture of a soda can but its placed on soda can’s so people associate Pepsi with the color and shape combinations.


    Mascot logos are created by designing an illustrated character. Tony the tiger from Frosted Flakes is an example of a mascot.

    Combination Mark

    A combination mark is designed by combining a monogram, wordmark, pictorial mark and or mascot together.


    Emblems are created by using fonts or letters inside of a symbol or icon. Badges, seals, crests are good examples of emblems. Many colleges and sports teams create emblems.

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